TiSO City Light Speedbumps are the most versatile in the vehicle blocker range. It offers the user the option to use as a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary solution. Its main advantage is that it can be installed above ground offering rapid deployment without the need for extensive groundworks. For a more permanent solution without the ramps the City Light Speedbump can be installed within a shallow pit. Operation in the raised position TiSO City Light Speedbump works like a regular wedge barrier. When closed, it performs the function of a speed hump to slow traffic. The built-in hydraulic unit has the advantage for the PLC can be up to 100m between blocking part and the operator. There are different sizes available in the City-Light Speedbump range subject to the blocking width required. Other options and customised sizes can also be considered.

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    Model RB357-02 RB357-03 RB357-04
    Installation type Submersible / Surface-mount
    Drive Hydraulic (HPU), internal
    Blocking width, mm 1964 2964 3964
    Blocking height, mm 350 (±20)
    Dimensions submersible road blocker (LxWxH), mm
    – central unit
    1060x2056x120 1060x3056x120 1060x4056x120
    Dimensions submersible road blocker (LxWxH), mm
    – with a set of ramps – 500 mm
    – with a set of ramps – 1000 mm
    Power consumption, kW 0,33
    Power supply 1 phase 230 V, 50/60 Hz
    Installation depth, mm
    Surface-mount / Submersible
    – / 120
    Maximum axle weight limit, t 15
    Maximum rising time, s 4,0 (±1 s) 5,5 (±1 s) 7,5 (±1 s)
    Maximum lowering speed, s 2,5 (±1 s) 3,5 (±1 s) 4,5 (±1 s)
    Protection level IP 67 for Road blocker
    IP 55 for control box
    Operating temperature*, °C -40 / +60
    Material Structural steel С22
    Coating Zink + RAL 9005 Black / RAL 1003 Yellow
    Ramp material Structural rubber
    * for temperatures lower than -10 °C use the heating device / for temperatures higher than +40 °C use the cooler device






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