TiSO M30 high security Speedbumps has been manufactured and tested to withstand and protect against vehicle ramming. It was tested and certified according to ASTM F2656/F2656-15 and IWA14-1:2013 standards. Offering the user, a surface mounted or a shallow installation provides rapid deployment and reduced costs as minimal civil works are required. The standard delivery set includes the blocking segment a separate control box with HPU and PLC, connection cable, power/oil hoses, and push button control unit. A range of accessories is available to ensure continuous operation in severe weather and environment conditions. A comprehensive range of blocking widths, together with customised options are also available.

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    Technical specs*:
    Model RB359-02 RB359-03 RB359-04
    Security class Designed to keep ASTM F2656 M30 standard Designed to keep ASTM F2656 M30 standard ASTM F2656/F2656 M-15, M30, P1(-0.7m)
    IWA 14-1:2013 Blocker V/7200 [N2B]/48/90:-0,3
    Installation type Surface mounted/submersible
    Actuator type / layout hydraulic, external/td>
    Blocking width, mm 2000 3000 4000
    Blocking height, mm 500 (± 20mm)
    Installation depth
    surface mounted / submersible
    – /120 mm
    Dimensions of submersible road blocker, mm (HxLxW)
    central unit
    120x1330x2156 120x1330x3156 120x1330x4156
    Dimensions of surface mounted road blocker, mm (HxLxW)
    with a set of ramps-500 mm,br />with a set of ramps-1000 mm
    Raising time, s (± 1s) 3,5
    Lowering time, s (± 1s) 3,5 (with EFO – 1,5 s)
    Power supply 3 phase 400 V, 50/60 Hz
    Power consumption, W 2200 2200 3000
    Axle load, t 15
    Penetration resistance, kJ 1680
    Protection level IP 67 for Road blocker
    IP 54 for control box
    Operating temperature*, °C -40 / +60
    Material Structural steel C22
    Ramp material Structural rubber
    * Technical data is subject to change without notice
    ** For temperatures below -10 °C heating system to be used / for temperatures above +40 °C cooling system to be used.





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